Exciting Concert News

The 2024 show schedule will bring exciting concerts to your local venues as Allen Hurt and Mountain Valley Records launch the new “Nostalgia Tour” featuring Allen's newest hit songs along with many fan favorites that Allen has written and performed over the years.  

Backed by one of the greatest group of musicians in the industry, Allen’s band, “The Music Showmen will make your concert experience really special, showcasing each of their unique talents with a bright and spectacular array of awesome new sounds and true showmanship that is sure to leave fans wanting to see them in concert, many times over.

The Music Showmen

Mike Lewis,  Lead Guitar         Matt Silano, Drums          Phillip Parent, Bass



              NEW MUSIC

Allen is currently in the process of producing a new full-length album that will feature his newest songs like Chances , Go On With My Life  and I'm Just Wasted Time along with many other great hits.

The album title and release date will be announced in the upcoming months as the sale promotions begin for this project.

The recent revamp of Allen's personally owned and operated record label, Mountain Valley Records and his band The Music Showmen along with motivation and lots of determination by the entire team, has helped to pave the way for new opportunities to share the music.                                          

We look forward to seeing everyone at the shows !!!

    See Ya Down The Road !!



Music Review By : Ann Harder , Central Texas Living